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rapid cases on record is the one referred to above, in which there
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the tincture of iodine to the mercurial ointment, because the latter
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fever, 1 — scarlet fever, 4 — lia^moiThage (puciperal), 1 — tliscase of the liver, 1 — disease of the
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found that it varied according to the kind of stimulus employed : thus the
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subsided, laparotomy with, perhaps, enterectomy, will be
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may be tried. The chloride of zinc treatment, applied as in car-
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debility, and all those diseases where there are wasted
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theory which referred vital movement to the heart and the
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ulterior tuberculization, as in the case of my patient in the Hotel-Dieu. It
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pointed clearly to malignant disease of the bladder,
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Patient coughed very severely eight days later, and burst open
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with diurnal care, I have never identified the presence of more
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treatment of the displaced slomach. S. Solis Cohen (Phila-
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quantities of extract. "A method was finally evolved," the article says,
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think of how those facts fitted in with what was known already. Much of
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whose minds are not so impaired as to render them incapable of
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protein catabolism. As a rule the secondary oxidations are sufficient to
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toxication, producing a vasomotor spasm and resulting in
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ICommanicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]
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We have considered thus far mainly the hospital statistics. These
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Notes and Reflections of the learned Baronet, are extremely agreeable,
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it loses its powers in various directions ; the muscu-
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to encourage participants in the Sunday worship to express their thoughts
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