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the loss of weight was greater in the light than in darkness.
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servations furuisbed by Seri^eaut J. W. Smith, of the United
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separated by the glands in the sweat. Chromidrosis is then a func-
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when the bacilli, although alive, had become non-viru-
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raised above 100° F. Should it remain at 102° or 103° at the
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transl. : Arcli. de ginecop., Barcel., 1897, x, 39; 80. — van
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Among the causes which have retarded the progress of the
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in internal organs where they are quite out of place ; and further,
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uria of diabetes is enormously increased after injec-
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the different officers appointed to represent this and other countries.
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diabetic patients, dosage adjustments of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents may be required Hyperglycemia
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lips, and tongue ; the latter being generally, of a briglit red, but some-
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grey substance lias been appropriately called the hemispherical ganglion
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over cervical vessels continues. November 25th. — Blowing murmur at base of
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Among the causes which have retarded the progress of the
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temper is developed, or depression, delusions, and mental alienation may
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state of the parts, the external circumstances must
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blood only in extremely small numbers so that there is not time by the
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of the movements of the spine will show a degree of rotation not
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(6) that it is a special bacterial disease conveyed from person to
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fact that the mental powers are most active between the ages of 30 and 45, the
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Malaria and Syphilis. — It has been repeatedly confirmed that
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donation rate by 20% in two years. Extensive public
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effects as a result of Atrovent. However, no adequate or well-controlled studies have been
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* " Real-Encyklopadie," Bd. xvii, S. 472. 1; Loc. cit., p. 333.
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glaciated, and this includes the lower Susquehanna basin, much of the
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sitting up in bed playing cards when I saw him. Temperature
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before commencing my researches, it is scattered through so many periodi-
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Etiology. — Predisposixg Causes. — Chronic Stenosis. — Bands of adhe-
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