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peritonitic abscess or acute diffuse peritonitis, may occur. The lesions of
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ing, while the Iodine is one of the best remedies to liquefy the
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complained of pain in the back, but in many there was complaint of pain
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would be best nourished, and that the natural tendency-
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lently that their functions are, so to speak, shaken
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wandering cells of Maximow, pyrrhol cells of Goldmann, endothelial leukocytes
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body. The author referred to the difficulty that has
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The usual routine of anodynes and astringents had been exhausted in this
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not content to await the real outcome of their endeav-
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a rising in the hepatic region were seen recurring at regular
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edge, and where he who reads such a contribution feels
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amazement, the pleura or the pericardium were occasionally
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lation which, however slight, will in time produce obstructions
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of luxation of this joint, owing to the mobility of the shoulder, which permitted
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removal of this protective covering from the mucous membrane
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the patient is kept in a hot, close stable, the same result follows.
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applied the remedies heretofore successful, and, after one repetition
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trifling. Again, in the military hospital of the same city, with
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this substance : the result being an eruption of nodules and pimples on the skin
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Section which was transferred out of Social Work Department on
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taken at one introduction. No speculum with which I am
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generally, if not always, occur without any definite exciting cause. On the
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position, disorder will riot unrestrained in every department
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are recommended. The isolation of all cases and contacts is important
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vastly by this ho'spital appointment, fie will be con-
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together with pain and soreness, it is necessary to exhibit opiates,
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does not yield to treatment. It is characterized by marked deformi-
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tion on preventable diseases. “Quick Check” was
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for the collegiate system and the system of a central examining
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growths are frequently hereditary, and, everything being
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