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means in his power. As a result Paris, during a consider-

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desired, affords the hope that in other instances, when the affection

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The general effects upon the system were almost identical with those pre-

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once in operation. The by-products, of which grease and

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mortality rate. A large, quiet, well aired and ventilated room with a

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son, MacCarty and others of the Mayo Clinic, whose papers will be

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First, oxygen in proper proportion in the air must be maintained.

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1. Transfusion of blood is of considerable value in cases of

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most potent of cure in the worst and most chronic cases.

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meningitis with mononuclear leukocytes and perivascular infiltration of ves-

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necessary. They are: 1. The various kinds of intestinal

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matter, dealing with a superficial affection of the cornea or

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Like other wounds, a gunshot wound undergoes no change for eight or ten

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20 to 65 and 70 in various outbreaks of the disease,

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and Savannah may be construed into negative testimony

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especially in children following one of the acute infections, it may be

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and prostration ; sleeplessness, nocturnal excitement, and restlessness;

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The New York Academy of Medicine. — At the next meeting of the

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dent of the Academy of Medicine of Paris for 1872. At the

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the shortening of tiie round ligaments extra-abdom-

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and of natural consistency. Some cloudiness of arachnoid and

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it is irregularly distributed; nodules appear and disappear in the skin; and

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will be published in other issues of WMJ. Articles received by April

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the fifth, and which yield, almost instantaneously, on removal of the