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was at once removed to the Charite Hospital. At fii'st, imder the
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for the application of cold to it ; sometimes for leeches to the
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The cases in which I had found these means sufficient
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with peroxid of hydrogen, followed by Lugol's solution.
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wound. G. Wherever possible the plugging should be per-
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way, if the test is negative, hemolysis or agglutination will not take place
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study of the brain functions (employing that term in its widest sense),
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kept perfectly quiet in bed and hot- water bags used if necessary.
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Passing over the interesting history relative to the discovery
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examination of the gastric juices. The special treatment
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incline to his opinion, that it is not every form of
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as invited to ])ass a portion of every «lay in the fields or the woods, in summer,
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supply of physicians exceeds the demand. The patronage is not
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Committee on the Introduction of Disease by Commerce, and the Means for
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Mr. Mill said he did not move any amendment on the subject.
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to remember this fact has been the cause of many mortifying
recently appointed Chief of the Physical Medicine Re-
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all funds belonging to the institution, from whatever source
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even though it cause epileptiform convulsions. But there is a large class
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alternated using first an ascending and then a des-
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the earliest period and continued to an advanced stage of the disease. He
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whether any graduates in Arts, or in anything but natural science, have to spend two years
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in from three to six weeks, or it ma}^ appear in a mild and chronic
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Parts. By Ja.mes E. Gaeeetsox, M. D., D. D. S., Dean of
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conjunctivitis, and superficial ulceration of the cornea ; chronic suppura-
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viz., between the fibres of the muscles, on the periosteum, into the lungs
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•vas able to read the finest ijrint (No. 1 Jaeger's test
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seen it given freely, and without regard to expense.
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but with negative sputum, may be accounted for by chronic influenza
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the comparative immunity they enjoyed in a climate since become so
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the cases cited, the eruption was confluent ; in three the pustules were
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immediate steps to prepare a memorial for presentation to the
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Since Czerny's experiment of removing the stomach of the dog and