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destruction. Cortex: Similar changes to those found in Cat No. 1.

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most common is the external class, which may be subdivided into three

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examined by the police surgeon on duty. Indeed, as bearing on the

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State Epidemiologist Loretta Haddy reported that Senate

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nasal fossae and of the accessory sinuses — the nasal

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Address W. H. Wathen, M. D., Dean, Fourth and Chest-

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hypochondrium ; shooting pains felt at times in that region ;

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the operation, with instructions to be kept in the recum-

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close the left eye, could with effort barely approximate

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their pathology. It really consists of a series of lectures delivered before

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was partl.v closed b.v sutures, leaving a large space

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burgh in his day, and one of the founders of an extramural medical

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abscess it is mentioned as having occurred twice. In 31 cases of tumour

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Dr. Jean Francois Cosie and the French Army in the American Revolution— W ooden

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CL VPP, JU. at H4 ^Vaahin-^toii Street, corner of Franklin s^treet,to whom all cnnimuiiicatioos nmrt j

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irregular type. In the course of from two to three weeks the swollen member

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Daring the later part of July, 1890, I thought I de-

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pericardial disease. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 1985; 90:506-5 16

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represented as follows: First 15 cc, +; second 15 cc, + + + ;

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effect is dependent not only upon the intensity but upon the

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1895, xxxi, 54-63, 1 pi. Also, transl. : Arch. Ophth., N. Y.,

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of New York used the curette for the diagnosis of this

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curacy of diagnosis, and immediate application of remedial measures.

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valuable anti-spasmodics and uterine sedatives. They are of most service

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of wounds of the face inflicted by the bill of a rooster. — Boston Medical and

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one who has the disease, for its propagation and spread in

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As soon as an intermission is produced, and in cases

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represent the struggle in the mind between obscenity

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Mr. Whale said that the route was tonsil, pterygoid plexus, facial and

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doA^Ti at 384 ft. tons, which is certainly a far greater amount of

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nates. The sphincter ani will be weak or paralyzed ; the bladder

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(hydrocephalic cry), and in rare instances the sharp cries may be continuous

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the juice and eat the waybread ; then it is good for

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knee-phenomenon indicates beginning tabes. Charcot says the order of

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The method may be summed up as follows. The patient is first told to empty