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1 1. In practice it is well to distinguish with decision a case in
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bones, and thus at last the articular extremities of the bones become almost
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5 p.m. — Called in consultation, Dr. Conrad Wesselhoeft. Diag-
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tal, which furnished him all the material that was desired
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of absolute asepsis exploration of the wound, with the help
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Bachelor of Arts in the class of 1881, winning oratorical honors. Not
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moved in this manner all the secretion possible, the surfaces of
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bleeding, facilitated by the extensive palmar and dorsal
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of which he has been a director since 1908 and president 1914-15.
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that fully recover their former health are rare, and many of the
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rector of Fordham University School of Sociology, and of the Catholic
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the future of pharmacodynamics. Here he is very plain and
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constantly settling on our skin and mucous membranes, and
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The records of the last (June) meeting were read by the sec-
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they must have done so ever since the beginning ; and this in the
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similia similibus curantur, he learned to administer those reme-
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should also be the general rule. It is impossible to discover
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the meeting of a horizontal line carried a finger's breadth
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since December, 1881, when, after unusually heavy exercise with
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are superficial, of easy access, and extrathoracic. When
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hot, and covered with profuse perspiration; pulse 120, regular,
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ment of Obstetrics was placed in his hands in 1S84, and,
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We have repeatedly seen quite excellent results follow the employment of
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son*, an d devoted the whole of his annual professional income to their education ;
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status of homoeopathy in England. And, while we of America
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the pericardium to the pleura, or vice versa, although direct infection of the
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to the last census (1880), which is good still for purposes of com-
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An Original Guess. — The " Medical News," in an editorial
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tion to the Rhode-Island hearts present ; and the meeting ad-
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founders, and the first president of the New York Dermatological
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While here he was taken sick with intermittent fever,
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For six years Dr. Guernsey held the chair as professor,
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friction. [The tonsils, being a possible gate of entry for the disease into the